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Shine & Silk Colour Retaining Shampoo

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A gentle hair cleanser that protects hair color, helps in replenishing the lost pigments & also gently cleanses hair & scalp. This essential oil blend enriched formula keeps scalp & hair healthy, makes hair silky, lustrous & enviable.

An epoch-making discovery for Hair colour retention

A ground-breaking discovery in terms of hair colour retention. Shine & Silk Colour Retaining Shampoo, developed in the laboratory of Keya Seth Aromatherapy is a product of years of research. This innovative formula includes a colour nourishing complex that helps in retaining the natural hair color. The complex is equally protective for artificial hair colors & also prevents bleaching of hair due to sunrays through its shielding actions. Apart from retaining hair color, this hair cleanser also nourishes hair, keeps scalp free from infections & stimulates hair growth through its essential oil blend (Lemon, Lavender, Geranium & Neroli) enriched formula.

A shield for your hair color

No more quickly fading hair colours, Shine & Silk Colour Retaining Shampoo is here to add life & longevity to your beloved hair color. Regular use of common shampoo naturally fades the hair color with every wash, but Shine & Silk Color Retaining Shampoo helps in locking in the color pigments, by nourishing hair strands & smoothening out the layer of hair cuticles. It protects the hair color from damaging effects of environmental factors & prevents bleaching or fading. This specially formulated, one-of-its-kind formula also takes thorough care of scalp & hair health & prevents premature greying.

Direction of Use:

Soak hair properly in water. Take a small amount of the shampoo on your palm & massage it lightly onto your scalp & hair. Being soap free, it will not create a lot of lather. Wait for 5 minutes & wash off with plenty of water. Repeat. You should use this shampoo on alternate days or twice a week for best results. The formula is mild enough for daily use. Shake well before use.