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How to use Vitamin C Serum on Face at Night?

The benefits of a vitamin C serum are endless. Vitamin C is the ultimate skin care savior, and everyone can reap its rewards!


Vitamin c serums have continued to trend in recent years for their countless health-boosting properties. These potent antioxidants provide many benefits: they boost your blood circulation, brighten your complexion with natural lightening effects, help heal surface damage without peeling off dry layers like other exfoliants do on sensitive or rosacea skin types (aloe vera gel also works wonders), stimulate collagen production which helps prevent wrinkles from forming prematurely around our eyes as well as reduce fine lines elsewhere on the face. It also scavenges free radicals that could otherwise cause premature aging such as age spots or fine lines.


Apparently, there is some confusion over how to use vitamin C serum. Do you apply it in the morning or at night? The skin care world is divided on this issue, but experts say that either way will be beneficial for your skin if you are not using too much and applying it all over your face instead of just where needed.


How to use vitamin C serum in the daytime?

Serum is probably one of my favorite things ever now because it has those two features which work well with other facial care products--namely being able to layer underneath moisturizing cream without changing how they take effect on the skin gives the benefit of using it at daytime.
Skin care experts recommend applying a vitamin C serum in the morning to prevent damage from free radicals and pollution that can occur throughout the day. If you do choose to use your serum, make sure to follow up with higher SPF sunscreen (like Umbrella – Sunscreen lotion) layer for protection!


Why you should use Vitamin C Serum at night?

If you use vitamin C serum at night, your skin will glow in the morning. Our body goes through its natural repair process during night-time hours, and this is when we can most effectively utilize a product like Vitamin C Serum. When used before bedtime, it also prevents photosensitivity from occurring which poses risks to those who work outdoors or take part in any activity that includes sunlight exposure such as outdoor sports or even just taking walks outside on sunny days!


How to use the Vitamin C Serum at night?

Vitamin c serum can easily be a part of your Skin Care regime at night. After cleansing, exfoliating, masking, and toning your face our Vitamin C Serum will help restore your skin it to its radiant form. Apply the serum with clean fingers by pressing gently over damp skin for 60-90 seconds before applying final moisturizing that will lock in the goodness of the serum and improve your collagen production for a visibly fairer and brighter skin.

Vitamin C is an all-around wonder vitamin that can brighten, condition, and restore your skin. Whether you’re using it at day or night it will help improve any complexion both inside and out.


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