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Mulberry Leaf Extract

Mulberry Leaf Extract Benefits & Features(One Line quick facts) With References

Mulberry Extract: A fruitful blessing for dry, dull, and ageing skin

  • Rich source of the skin tone-improving antioxidant oxyresveratrol. (Tanfidz Alishlah1, 2019)
  • Lighten dark spots and discolouration. (Lee-Wen Chang 1, 2011)
  • Improve the appearance of uneven skin tone.  (Fukuda, 1996)
  • Helps protect the skin from environmental factors. (Snitmatjaro Nattapong 1, 2008)
  • Hydrates and nourishes the skin. (Parsons, 2020)
  • Reduce the signs of premature ageing. (Shanqing Zheng, 2014)
  • Beautifully radiant and glowing complexion. (Keun-Tae Park a, 2011)
  • Known for rich antioxidant properties, mulberry helps to promote blemish free, clear skin. ( (Jee, 2009)

Health Benefits of Mulberry:  (Bisma Jan a c, 2021)

  • Combats diabetes.
  • Shields from lead toxicity.
  • Rich in anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Works towards vision improvisation.
  • Regulates blood pressure.

Mulberry Leaf Extract:

INCI: Water / Butylene Glycol /Morus Alba Root Extract

Also known as

CAS Number: 94167-05-2

CosIng Information:

Appearance: Light Yellow Liquid

Odour: Characteristic

Dosage: 0.5 to 2.0%

Rosehip Seed


The origins of most cultivated mulberry varieties are believed to be in the China/Japan area and in the Himalayan foothills. Silk production was important in Europe during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, as it was in Japan and Korea up to the middle of the twentieth century.

Medicinal use of the leaves, root bark, branches, and fruits of white mulberry is documented in the Pharmacopoeia of the People's Republic of China. Use in Chinese medicine dates back to AD 659. Mulberry juice is an official product of the British Herbal Pharmacopoeia. The root bark has cathartic and anthelmintic properties and is bitter in taste. The root juice is believed to agglutinate the blood and also to kill worms in the digestive system. The stem bark has purgative and vermifuge properties. The leaves have diaphoretic and emollient properties, and the leaf juice has been used to prevent throat infections and inflammation. The fruit juice has a cooling and laxative property and is used to treat fevers, colds, diarrhea, malaria, amoebiasis, constipation, and intestinal worms (eg, tapeworm) ( (Y Yamatake, 19676) (Chauhan*, 2008)

The fruits may be eaten fresh and are used in juice, preserves, and stews(Lentini 2007); they may also be fermented into a sweet and sour wine. White mulberry leaves are used in animal feed for sheep, goats, and cattle.(Kandylis 2009) Mulberries are used in syrup preparations as well as to flavor and color medicines..

The term Morus is derived from the Latin word ‘mora’, which means delay, most likely because of the slow development of its buds. It is an economical and widespread woody plant and has an enormous economic value other than sericulture leading to its several unique and special features. Morus alba (white mulberry), Morus nigra (black mulberry) and Morus rubra (red mulberry) are all commonly accepted worldwide species of genus Morus as they exhibit maximum medicinal properties. Amongst all the species, M. alba is a dominant species (Ercisli and Orhan, 2007). Roots, leaves, bark, stem twigs, and fruits of mulberry possess valuable bioactive constituents that can be explored in food, health care, and cosmetic industries. Conventionally, it is believed that fruits of mulberry, particularly black and red varieties are advantageous to the human body (Ercisli and Orhan, 2007).


Main Ingredient:

Mulberroside A (

Mulberries have been adapted to a very wide variety of local conditions in the world. Korea has about 40 different Types. Not all types of the tree contain have not the mulberroside A  but some types have rich of the active ingredient. Its depends on the region where they grow as well as the climate and the soil.

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Chemical Structure + Compounds:

  • Molecular formula C26H32O14

Geeky Research Findings + (SEO searches):

1. Benefits of Mulberry Extract for skin:

Skincare Benefits of Mulberry Extracts

As a fruit, mulberry is delicious, nutritious, and has many proven skincare benefits. It tastes delicious and has excellent health benefits to offer. However, mulberry skin benefits are too!

Let’s look at them all:

  • Say goodbye to hyperpigmentation: One of the most famous benefits of mulberry for skincare is that it works amazingly towards reducing hyperpigmentation. Today, the cosmetic industry uses this benefit to its advantage, and the results are decent. So, if you are looking for a solution for your dark skin, it’s time to say mulberry!
  • The powerhouse of vital antioxidants: When you feel dull and low, there is always one comfort you seek. It could be taking a nap, meeting a friend, or even going on a trip. Mulberry has vital antioxidants that help reduce oxidative stress, provide anti-aging benefits, and reduce blemishes.
  • Rich in anti-inflammatory properties: This delicious fruit gives your skin a calm and composed texture. Mulberry has anti-inflammatory properties that help in preventing rashes or irritation. In addition, it soothes the skin and calms it naturally. Thus, by reducing rashes, it promotes smooth and soft skin effortlessly.
  • No more aging woes: We always want to look timeless – irrespective of our age and experiences. If you are tired of using anti-aging cosmetic products, it may be time to eat something that makes your wrinkles disappear. Mulberry is rich in vital antioxidants and nutrients. It nourishes your skin with Vitamins A, C, & E. It thus removes dark spots and thus helps promote an even skin tone.
  • Mulberry extract for your skin works wonders, even if you have irritated skin. It gives your skin the breather it needs from the daily chaotic schedule you run with diligence.

2. Benefits of Mulberry Extract for Face:

  • Improves the appearance of uneven skin tones of face.
  • Creates a lovely, radiant and glowing face.
  • Helps to protect the skin from environmental factors-Mulberry good for acne: Clarifying Mulberry Extract is a potent, powerful acne-fighter that clears and tightens pores while rehydrating, refreshing, and detoxifying the skin, leaving you with a smooth, clear complexion.
  • Moisturizes and nourishes the skin: Treat Dry and Sensitive Skin. Mulberries are rich in those vitamins and help in treating dry and delicate skin.
  • Reduces signs of premature ageing: Mulberries contain anthocyanins, and several potent antioxidants that protect the body from free radicals and slow the aging process. Because mulberry fruit is chocked full of antioxidants, it's touted as a fruit for anti-aging, which is why it is widely used in anti-aging skin care.
  • Lightens dark spots and skin discolouration: Hyperpigmentation is usually harmless but can sometimes be caused by an underlying medical condition. Certain medications can also cause your skin to darken.

    In our cells, the active enzyme called tyrosinase is responsible for the production of melanin (better known as pigmentation) in our body. What the mulberry extract does is it slows down or prevents this enzyme from producing melanin. Therefore effectively preventing hyperpigmentation from appearing on the upper layers of the skin. (Fukuda, 1996)

Technical Details & Test Data:

Technical Details1

Main Biological Effects for Cosmetics:

Tyrosinase & Melanogenesis inhibition activity

Rosehip Seed Oil Benefits

Morus alba extract shows dose-dependent inhibitory effects on mushroom tyrosinase activity and melanin production. Also we identified Morus alba extract has not cytotoxicity in these range concentration between 0.005-0.02%.

3. Befits of Mulberry Extract for Body:

With the benefit of its skin-lightening properties and antioxidant activity, mulberry leaf extract can help fade away dark spots, improve uneven skin tone and protect the skin from damaging effects of free radicals, giving you clear and radiant skin.

Apart from skin benefits, the mulberry extract is also a nutritious ingredient. The vitamins and antioxidants as mentioned previously can help strengthen the skin’s natural barrier to protect it from UV rays. This also helps reduce free radical damage to the skin. Free radical damage has been known to cause ageing acceleration, loss of skin elasticity and lines and wrinkles to appear. However antioxidants work best when it is both consumed and applied topically, use both for best results! (Bisma Jan a c, 2021)

Health Benefits of Mulberry:

Apart from the important uses of mulberry for the skin, we are here with the important health benefits this beauty offers. We are listing some of the best-known health benefits that mulberry has in store for your good health below:

  1. Combats diabetes: No one likes to curb their sweet cravings within themselves. However, people with diabetes must consume mulberry leaves to reduce the high insulin levels to regulate blood sugar better.
  2. Shields from lead toxicity: Metal toxicity is rare yet dangerous for the human body. Its antioxidants help reverse the damage caused by free radicals and lead. (The latter may cause tissue damage, anemia, and metabolic disorder). You may thus have a better skincare experience if you switch to it.
  3. Works towards vision improvisation: Tired of facing the hassles of wearing a pair of spectacles all the time? It may be time for you to switch to something natural and safe. Mulberry contains zeaxanthin – a carotenoid that helps reduce oxidative stress in our eye cells.
  4. Boosts your immunity: This amazing fruit is a rich source of Vitamin C, vital antioxidants, and several minerals that help boost your immunity. It protects your body from irritants and helps you stay healthy!
  5. Regulates blood pressure: Popping pills for your blood pressure can get pretty annoying sometimes, especially when you forget your daily intake. However, mulberries help reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, thus improving the health of your heart.

4. Source & Uses of Mulberry Extract:

Mulberry can be your first encounter with elongated blackberries. It is botanically known as Morus – the genus belonging to the flowering plants in the Moraceae family. They are super easy to grow and survive in temperate to tropical climates.

Mulberry Root Extract comes from the white Mulberry tree that is native to China, but cultivated in Europe, Japan, Australia and North America. The extract has been used for centuries in Chinese Medicine. Contains 20% extract dissolved in water and glycerin.

Lightens age spots and uneven skin tone. Can be combined with other skin lighteners such as skinwhite BLE, licorice extract, kojic acid, skinwhite msh, and alpha-arbutin. Very nutritious for the hair and hair roots. Has antioxidant and cleansing properties.

Mulberry extracts have always been staged as a natural anti-aging hero that works towards diminishing dark circles and fine lines. The good news doesn’t stop here. The presence of antioxidants aid in the production of Resveratrol, this acts as a shield that prevents the birth of skin damage and wrinkles caused by UV damage and free radicals. Don’t expect to get tanned. While blemishes and age spots can hold a pretty obvious spot on our faces, mulberries look to protect and limit the occurrence of these that can, in turn, contribute towards keeping your skin in the best of health and lighten pigmentation.

If dry skin is a pain you put up with in times of monsoon and beyond, Vitamin A and E in mulberries can be a real saviour that can tackle this problem by delivering intense hydration.

Treatment Regime:

Adding mulberry to a skincare routine

So, to avoid tricky situations, following a good skincare routine with products that complement your skin type is best. From oily to normal skin, there is something for everyone. But you need to know the correct order of using skincare products for effective skin care.

Let’s take you through the ideal skincare regimen for all skin types:

  1. Clean your face: Before doing anything, you should cleanse your face. Clean skin makes it easier for you to apply skincare products with diligence. Wash away the dirt and grease that sets on your skin with a mild and gentle face wash.
  2. Scrub off the dullness: Exfoliation is an effective process to make your skin look beautiful and refreshed. Using a gentle yet effective scrub helps in removing the stubborn dirt that clogs pores. It also washes away the dead skin cells from your skin to remove the dullness from your face.
  3. Tone your skin: When you use a cleanser and a face exfoliator for your skin, you need to understand that just dirt removal isn’t enough. When you wash your face, you also remove the natural oils from your face. This opens up the skin’s pores and loosens its texture. In such a situation, it is better to use a toner. Our lightweight mulberry serum is easy to use at home.

Tips for using products with Mulberry Extract:

White mulberry plant components have traditionally been used for various conditions. Clinical studies have investigated potential cardiovascular, antidiabetic, and dermatologic effects. However, clinical trial data are lacking to recommend white mulberry for any indication.

Clear skin may seem an unattainable skincare goal, but it isn’t. With the right skincare products, you can achieve it. But, of course, the perfect skincare products have the right ingredients to work on your skin. One such ingredient is mulberry.

Side effects and risks:

Hypersensitivity to any component of white mulberry. Avoid use. Information regarding safety and efficacy in pregnancy and lactation is lacking.

The pollen extract may cause airborne contact urticaria. Patients with endobronchial allergies may be sensitive to pollen extract. In one clinical study, some patients experienced mild diarrhea, dizziness, constipation, and bloating.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • Can I apply mulberry to my face?

A. Mulberry extracts should be mixed with other natural ingredients like yogurt for faster results. It shouldn’t be applied alone.

  • What does mulberry extract do for the skin?

A. What are the uses of Mulberry for skin? Mulberry is rich in Vitamin A, vitamin E, and carotenoids, and these have potential antioxidant properties. It may help in reducing the appearance of scars, keeps the skin smooth and young, and reduces age spots due to these antioxidant properties.

  • Is Mulberry extract good for face?

A.Mulberry extract: Rich in antioxidants, mulberry benefits your skin in many ways. It helps combat hyperpigmentation and has amazing anti-aging benefits that make your skin flawless!

  • Does mulberry lighten skin?

A. Mulberry extracts can be incorporated into skin-whitening products. The compound attributed to lighten the skin is arbutin, a form of hydroquinone that inhibits melanin release by suppressing the tyrosinase enzyme.

  • Does mulberry reduce pigmentation?

A. The investigators concluded that 75% mulberry extract oil objectively diminishes the hyperpigmentation of melasma in skin types III-V, although they recommend additional research with a larger sample size and longer treatment duration and follow-up.

  • How long does it take mulberry extract to lighten the skin?

A. Kojic acid, hydroquinone, mulberry extract, arbutin: You'll start seeing results within 8–12 weeks of use.

  • Is mulberry good for sensitive skin?

A.Treat Dry And Sensitive Skin. Mulberries are rich in those vitamins, and help in treating dry and delicate skin

  • How do you use the mulberry extract for skin whitening?

A. The suggested dose for skin whitening products containing mulberry leaf extract is 3 to 5% when added to the water phase of the formula, according to It is vital to understand that it requires some time before you will see improvement.

  • Is Mulberry fruit good for diabetes?

A. As discussed in my book 50 Desi Super Drinks, the powdered leaves of white mulberry are believed to lower blood sugar in type 2 diabetes patients. It is suggested that taking the powdered leaf three times a day for 4 weeks might help decrease fasting blood sugar levels.

  • What are Mulberry benefits for the skin?

A. Loaded with vitamin A and E, Mulberry can prevent premature aging. It also boasts of a range of carotenoid components like lutein, beta-carotene, zeaxanthin, and alpha-carotene that aid in skincare, reducing the appearance of blemishes and age spots. Using it in your hair masks can also help make your locks thick and lustrous.

  • What are the nutritional benefits of mulberry?

A. Mulberries are a powerhouse of nutrition. They contain around 43 calories per 100 grams and their nutritional profile boasts of a wide array of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, lipids, protein, dietary fibre, and high water content. They also contain Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, iron and minerals such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, sodium, and zinc. These also contain Riboflavin, a vitamin that helps the body break down carbohydrates, proteins, and fats to produce energy.

  • Are mulberries leaves also good for health?

A. Mulberry leaves are used as a skin depigmentation ingredient in cosmetic products. Research also suggests that some of the compounds in mulberry leaves may help combat diabetes. The leaves may also improve heart health by reducing cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

  • Is mulberry good for hair growth?

A. Research funded by the National Research Foundation of Korea has found that a root extract from the common or white mulberry (Morus alba) can potentially help to prevent hair loss.

  • Is mulberry rich in vitamin C?

A. Nutrition. Mulberries are rich in vitamin C, with one cup delivering 51 milligrams. A diet rich in vitamin C can limit the risk of developing several types of cancer.

  • Are mulberry leaves poisonous to humans?

A. According to a study from the National Library of Medicine, the mulberry leaf does contain latex – a white sap mildly toxic to humans which may result in an upset stomach or skin irritation. However, many people still consume mulberry leaves without experiencing any adverse symptoms.

  • What is the value of mulberry leaves?

A. Mulberry leaves are very rich in protein (15-35%), minerals [2.42-4.71% calcium (Ca); 0.23-0.97% phosphorus (P)] and metabolizable energy (1130-2240 kcal/kg) with absence of or negligible anti-nutritional factors (Omar et al., 1999. ShayoC.M. UdenP.

  • Why did we choose mulberry root?

A. Mulberry Root is one of the best, natural source of arbutin, an active molecule that helps brighten and even skin tone. Walking around in Shanghai, you immediately notice the care that women take to protect their skin from sun damage, but some uneven skin tone is inevitable with time, and as one women in China told us “My grandmother used Mulberry Root and she taught my mother, so now I keep my skin even with this common root.”

  • Can I apply mulberry in face?

A. It suits all skin types too. It features the following key ingredients: Mulberry extract: Rich in antioxidants, mulberry benefits your skin in many ways. It helps combat hyperpigmentation and has amazing anti-aging benefits that make your skin flawless!

  • How is mulberry extract used in skincare?

A. Mulberry extract is used in cosmetics to lighten age spots and uneven skin tone. It can be combined with other skin lighteners like Licorice extract, kojic acid, arbutin and kojic dipalmitate to accelerate skin regeneration, lighten age spots and uneven skin tone.

Suggested Research Papers for Further Reading:

  • Chauhan*, V. K. (2008, 10). Mulberry: Life enhancer. Academic journels. doi:

  • Y Yamatake, M. S. (19676, 08 26). Pharmacological studies on root bark of mulberry tree (Morus alba L.). doi:10.1254/jjp.26.461




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