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Aromatic Aalta 1Pcs +100% Natural Aromatic Red Dust Sindoor 1Pcs

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  • ORGANIC & ATTRACTIVE: 100% Natural Red Alta for women that enhances beauty without causing any irritation or damage    
  • FOR GORGEOUS FEET: The Vibrant Red Alta has been specially prepared with Floral Pigments that Preserve Healthy Skin and Prevent Cracked Heels   
  • LONG-LASTING FORMULA: Its rich blend of Nature-Derived ingredients makes the formula last for 2-3 days   
  • SKIN-FRIENDLY: Completely free from harmful chemicals; does not cause skin allergies   
  • CAP APPLICATOR: The Natural Red Alta comes with a Cap Applicator that allows Precise & Easy Application 

Herbal Alta for Tradition & Beauty   

This 100% natural Alta has no side effects and prevents cracked heels. It has a great cultural significance in Bengali traditions. Right from Upanishads to this 21st century, Alta is a significant part of Hindu traditions. It is one of the stages in ‘Solah Shringar’ or 16 adornments for a Hindu bride. Red Alta is a symbol of fertility & prosperity. Every Bengali married woman wears it during the Durga Puja and other traditional celebrations. 

A part of wedding & post-wedding ceremonies, this red dye is considered sacred for similar events. And not just for celebrations, Alta is an integral part of the South Indian culture, especially during the pulic performance of its classical dance forms, like Bharatnatyam, Odissi, Kuchipudi, Mohiniattyam, etc. Other Indian classical dance forms, such as Kathak and Manipuri also include wearing of Alta on the dancers’ feet and fingertips to enhance stage appeal. 

Nature-Derived Blend with No Side Effects 

Earlier, Alta used to be made from betel leaf extracts. Sustaining the legacy, our Red Alta is produced from floral pigments that have been carefully chosen and derived from nature to make sure the skin texture remains unharmed. As it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals: 

  • It’s100% Skin-Friendly  
  • It’s completely Safe to wear on Sensitive Skin 
  • The product does not trigger skin allergies 
  • Prevents cracked toes & heels 

Long-Lasting Alta    

 The pigmentation of this Longwear Alta lasts for 2-3 days. Whereas the market-available similar red dyes require cotton swab or brush for usage, our Red Alta comes with an Easy Cap Applicator for Precise, Smooth & Easy Application. 

Red Dust Sindoor

  • ORGANIC & ATTRACTIVE: 100% Natural Sindoor Powder for women that enhances beauty without causing any irritation or damage   
  • FLORAL PIGMENTATION: Filled with the goodness of Herbal Extracts and Floral Pigments, the Herbal Sindoor is a ubiquitous part of married Indian woman's look   
  • NATURALLY SOOTHING: The Sindoor Powder has been specially prepared with nature-derived ingredients that preserve healthy skin and hair texture while leaving a soothing effect   
  • SKIN-FRIENDLY: Completely free from harmful chemicals, like mercury, lead, etc.; does not cause skin allergies, hair fall or baldness   
  • SHADES: Available in two gorgeous variants—Red and Maroon   
  • APPLICATION: The Natural Sindoor Powder has been created implementing a long-lasting formula; easy to use and can be removed with water or makeup remover  


Herbal Sindoor for Tradition & Beauty   

Popular as cosmetic powder, Kumkum or Sindoor is used by married women across the Indian subcontinent. It is a traditional symbol that indicates women’s marital status conventionally. The 21st Century has witnessed Sindoor playing an important part in Indian women’s beauty and appearance at different occasions. The commonly sold Sindoor is associated with skin and hair problems as such products are filled with harmful chemicals. This powder sindoor for women with Herbal Extracts and Floral Pigments is completely Natural and safe on hair and even sensitive skin.   


Long-Lasting Sindoor with No Side Effects   

Similar products that are widely available in stores are heavily loaded with mercury and lead that could have damaging impacts on your overall health. Additionally, they cause hair loss, itching, or other scalp and hair issues. This 100% Skin-Friendly Sindoor does not trigger skin allergies, hair fall, or baldness. The Longwear Sindoor Powder is available in two vibrant shades —Red and Maroon. The pigmentation stays through the day.