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Blog 2: History of Aromatherapy

As the world is increasingly turning to yoga and other natural healing processes, aromatherapy is being acknowledged as the most effective alternative therapy for attaining holistic healing and wellness. Aromatherpy or ‘Essential Oil’ therapy is an age old healing art that has been in the history of alternative medicine over centuries.  


Aromatherapy : The history in India and other countries

 This ancient healing art has a long history in India which dates back to the epic period of ‘Ramayana’. The much known ‘Sanjeevani Booti’ brought by Hanuman to help Laxman regain consciousness is the first recorded reference of using natural ingredients from plants as medicine.  In fact the practice of using the natural, aromatic oils extracted from flowers, bark, stems, leaves, roots or other parts of a plant is found in various civilizations across the world. Apart from India, the use of aromatic oils was common in Hebrew, Arabic and European civilization.

In ancient Egypt Aromatherapy was a way of life at about the time that the Chinese were developing acupuncture. The Egyptians were using balsamic substances in both religious rituals and medicine. Records of  4500 B.C. reveals use of perfumed oils scented barks and resins, of spices, aromatic vinegars, wines and beers in medicine, ritual, astrology and embalming. The traces of aromatherapy was also found in Tutankhamen’s tomb where many pots were found containing substances such as myrrh and frankincense. 

In the middle ages of Europe the word ‘aromatherapie’ was coined by French chemist Gattefosse way back in as rediscovered the magic of Aromatherapy. He developed aromatherapy as a medically based therapy utilising essentials oils. Later the properties of essential oils were proven and researched and could be seen as equal to conventional drugs of the time.

Top Ten essential oils in Aromatherapy 

The magical therapy revolves around ten essential oils which are primarily used to cure chronic ailments, enhance the brain stimulation and skin care.  The top ten  primary essential oils are lavender , lemon , eucalyptus , sandalwood, thyme, tea tree , jasmine, citronella , Clove and  Bergamot.

The essential oils are said to have a direct pharmacological effect and Aromatherapists claim there is a synergy between the body and aromatic oils which have effective result on a person’s body and mind.



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